Reverend Dr. Tarrance L. Scott Sr., a native of Greenville, AL, preached his first public sermon on March 19, 2006 and was ordained as a gospel preacher on September 1, 2007. After six months as interim, he pastored the Mt Moriah Missionary Baptist Church of Greenville, AL from April 9, 2009 to November 12, 2017.  He was elected pastor of the Mt Moriah Missionary Baptist Church #2 of Mosses, AL on November 5, 2017, and currently serves in this ecclesiastic position.  Dr. Scott has served in the offices of President of the Congress of Christian Education, Dean of Christian Education, Assistant Dean and Chairman of the SED Chartered Board of Trustees for the Southeast District Association of Butler and Crenshaw Counties, Alabama; Second Vice President of the Congress of Christian Education, and Vice Moderator in the Old Alabama District Association. He currently serves as the Moderator of the Old Alabama District Association, as well as a lecturer and a certified instructor in its Certificate of Progress Program (COPP) School of Christian Education; accredited by the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., Sunday School Publishing Board, Division of Christian Education Accreditation and Credentials. Dr. Scott currently works as the Academic Program Coordinator, Director of Christian Services, Academic Advisor, Dean of Chapel, and an Adjunct Professor of religion, Bible, and theology at his beloved alma mater, Selma University in historic Selma, Alabama. In addition to these academic responsibilities, Dr. Scott also serves as a Doctor of Ministry dissertation and ministry Project Advisor and Adjunct Professor for South University's College of Theology, Montgomery campus.


Dr. Scott has held the academic offices of President of the Selma University Ministerial Union, from Fall 2012 until his graduation in Spring 2014, Treasurer of the Good Samaritan Club of South University from 2015—2018, and a member of the Graduate Honor Council for the South University College of Theology from 2016—2018.  He also served on the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) of the South University Montgomery, College of Theology from 2015—2018. Dr. Scott is a permanent member of the Alpha Nu Delta (ΑΝΔ) Chapter of the Theta Alpha Kappa (ΘΑΚ) Honor Society for Religious Studies and Theology.


Dr. Scott is a 2014 summa cum laude (4.0 GPA) graduate of Selma University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Pastoral Ministry.  He is a 2018 graduate of South University where he graduated with high honors (4.0 GPA) with a Doctor of Ministry degree. The culmination of his doctoral work is a published dissertation on the impetus of pastoral burnout in the rural Missionary Baptist church entitled, Identifying the Perils of the Pastorate of the Missionary Baptist Church in the Rural Areas of the Southeast District Association of Butler and Crenshaw Counties, Alabama. (Proquest, 2018)

Dr. Scott is married to the former Wakisha Powell of Montgomery, AL.  They have three children, Terrell, Tarrance II, and Jamelah, five grandsons Jayce, Taylen, Deuce, Ta'Vion, and Daylon and two granddaughters, Paisley and Reign.


Dr. Scott is an advocate for education, both Christian and secular, he is a spirit filled preacher, an ardent teacher, and a meticulous administrator.  His love of telling the story of the kerygma is outweighed only by his love for God and God’s people.  His life’s desire is to please God by educating and edifying his people and by being an embodiment of a servant leader in the Christian community.


Pastor Tarrance L. Scott Sr., D.Min., B.Min., BBS


"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."  H. Jackson Brown Jr.